Tax Resolution & Tax Negotiation.

Turn to Solutions Group Accounting Firm for tax resolution and tax negotiation!

Solutions Group Accounting Firm, (formally known as Green Solutions Accounting Firm) can bring your IRS nightmare to an end with our expert Orlando tax resolution and negotiation services.

Are you exploring your options? Despite your best efforts to prepare accurate tax returns, maybe you ‘ve run into issues with the IRS?

Your heart dropped when you saw that notification from the IRS, and now, you have no idea how to proceed. Given the vast resources of the IRS, this is clearly not something you want to take on alone.

SGAF can advocate assertively on your behalf, thereby ensuring that your tax situation reaches resolve promptly and in the most affordable manner possible. From the release of liens and levies to payment plan setup, we can help you secure a tax solution that fits within your budgetary constraints and stops the IRS from hovering over your shoulder.

Taking on the IRS

The IRS strikes fear in the hearts of our clients, but we take great satisfaction in defending business owners against government entities. This is one of the many areas in which we truly thrive. We act as your shield, dealing directly with the IRS so you never have to come into contact with auditors, who may use your natural fear to their advantage. We aren’t afraid of the IRS. Experienced auditors might try to bully the small business owner, but they won’t get away with bullying us.

Exploring Available Solutions

If you’ve run into tax troubles, there’s no need to panic — the right accounting professional can help you strike a deal that significantly reduces your tax burden. Offers in compromise are typically the chief goal, but if this approach doesn’t work out, we can negotiate a payment plan that still allows you to settle for pennies on the dollar.

No matter the situation, we will figure out a solution that works for you and your business.

Planning for the Future

Once we’ve brought your IRS problems to a close, we can help you plan for a future free of audits. We’ve guided our clients through the hassle of auditing on numerous occasions, but those who turn to us for advance preparation and audit protection have never suffered an audit. We can help you learn from your previous tax problems and implement a tax preparation system that significantly reduces the risk of audits, liens, levies and other tax problems. We are highly respected by the IRS and have a solid reputation for accuracy and aggressive client defense.

The IRS can make your life as a business owner very, very difficult.

They will show no mercy in seeking you out and requiring you to provide extensive documentation that you simply do not have available. It is worth working with Solutions Group Accounting Firm purely for reducing your stress burden, but also because you can emerge with a much lower tax bill. Do not ignore notices from the IRS or attempt to tackle tax issues on your own — let the experts at SGAF negotiate a favorable tax resolution.

You can depend on Solutions Group Accounting Firm to act as your shield against the injustices of the IRS. While we specialize in Orlando tax resolution, we have worked with clients around the country and are happy to assist you no matter where you live.

Contact us today to learn how we can put your issues with the IRS to rest!