Tax Preparation & Planning.

Looking for Tax preparation services? What about preparing for next year?

Solutions Group Accounting Firm, (formally known as Green Solutions Accounting Firm) offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns.

Tax preparation is a huge burden for small businesses, which struggle to maintain a balance between embracing opportunities for saving and ensuring full compliance. Many small business owners hold a crippling fear of all things taxes, and with good reason — few mishaps can sink a business quite like issues with the IRS. Unfortunately, IRS drama is never far away when you’re a small business, as your lack of resources leaves you far too susceptible to audits.

Thankfully, you have SGAF on your side. We will guide you through all aspects of tax planning and preparation, ensuring that you feel prepared to file your return and confident in your company’s compliance.

Why Ditch TurboTax?

Many small business owners rely on TurboTax and other tax preparation systems. These programs often offer specially designed small business services, but have limited scope and don’t meet the many nuances of small business tax challenges. To TurboTax, you are little more than a number — there’s no incentive on their end to provide personalized service.

TurboTax and similar programs are all about quantity, whereas, at Solutions Group Accounting Firm we work tirelessly to ensure exceptional quality in tax preparation. We can help you bypass TurboTax’s pesky question and answer system, which leads to double-deducting and ultimately, greater risk of audits.

TurboTax is not the only source of grief for business owners of course, so if you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with H&R Block and other services that treat you like a number, consider working with a more personalized Tax preparation specialist such as the professionals at Solutions Group Accounting Firm.

Tax Services at Solutions Group Accounting Firm

At SGAF, we are happy to assist businesses with a variety of tax concerns. We offer personalized service and affordable prices — a combination that TurboTax and H&R Block have yet to provide. We can tackle the confusion of tax preparation so you don’t have to. After you meet with us, you will leave feeling confident that you won’t hear back from the IRS.

Year-Round Tax Preparation

It’s never prudent to disregard tax concerns until the very end of the year, and yet, many small businesses use this approach year after year. Reduce the headaches of year-end tax scrambling by allowing us to handle your tax complications throughout the year. Planning is key — the more you can get accomplished early in the year, the less you have to stress as tax deadlines loom. You can’t plan for changes in tax regulation, however, which is why it behooves you to work with a tax preparer who can keep up to date with tax developments and respond accordingly.

Our goal is to have a solid tax plan in place by the end of the third quarter.

Filing Returns

Nervous about filing your tax return? You’re certainly not alone. Let us remove the guesswork and keep your tax burden to a minimum, all while minimizing the potential for future audits. Our prompt tax preparation service reduces the risk of audit, late filing and the associated penalty fees.

Tax Compliance Services

Audits are a huge source of anxiety for small business owners, who know that, despite the best of intentions, they can easily make significant mistakes that lead to huge compliance issues. Unfortunately, maintaining full compliance is a struggle when regulations constantly change at the federal, state and regional level.

We keep on top of these changes and help you do so as well by implementing specially designed compliance monitoring systems.

Minimize Your Audit Risk

We handle a lot of audits at Solutions Group Accounting Firm, but they generally stem from TurboTax and H&R Block mishaps. Among the clients for whom we’ve prepared taxes, nobody has ever faced an audit! If you fear IRS mail above all else, look to us for tax preparation and audit protection. If you are already dealing with an audit, we can help you obtain the documentation necessary to get the IRS off your back. After you’ve settled your issues with the IRS, you will be eager to return to us for tax preparation services, all in the interest of never receiving that dreaded audit notice again.

This year, take a break from the frustration of dealing with TurboTax, and instead, work with a tax preparation provider that specifically caters to small businesses. SGAF can help you stay on top of taxes all year long, leading to an accurate and stress-free filing process, and more importantly, you can minimize your risk of being audited.

Call us at your earliest convenience to schedule a free consultation.