Accounting For Internet Marketing Professionals.

Looking for accounting for Internet professionals?

Look no further! Solutions Group Accounting Firm (formally known as Green Solutions Accounting Firm) understands the complexities of Internet Marketing Professionals.

Although we assist clients from a wide array of industries, one of our greatest niches is Internet marketing. Many of our best clients have seen success in this growing field for years. They built their name on client-centric service, and they appreciate that we offer the same.

The online marketing industry is constantly growing and evolving. Marketing professionals love the endless sources of opportunity, but they dread dealing with accounting issues and tax preparation.

These already complicated areas of business become much more frustrating by the very qualities that make Internet marketing such a promising industry.

For example, Internet marketing thrives on flexibility, but this can lead to significant accounting and bookkeeping problems.

If you work in Internet marketing and would like to shift your focus away from accounting and bookkeeping concerns, you can benefit from the assistance of Solutions Group Accounting Firm.

The Nuances of Internet Marketing Accounting

Internet marketing is an exciting field, but because marketers sell individualized services, tracking payables and receivables can be incredibly complex. Add in varying modes of payment and complicated scheduling, and it’s easy to see why so many Internet marketing firms struggle with bookkeeping. When you work with Solutions Group Accounting Firm  you have the reassurance of knowing that your package will be specifically tailored to fit the nuances of your field.

We have considerable experience with Internet marketing firms and are thus equipped to help you with your unique needs. Is it worth taking the risk of working with an accounting firm that just views you as another opportunity for profit?

PayPal Reconciliation Documentation

An increasing number of small business transactions take place via PayPal, which is a particularly common service among small to midsize Internet marketing companies. Although seemingly convenient, PayPal’s system makes reconciliation exceedingly difficult.

Many accounting firms have yet to get a handle on modern reconciliation via PayPal; instead of treating PayPal as a virtual bank account, they view it as a merchant processor. This distinction is essential, and we have used our understanding of PayPal’s modern usage to perfect reconciliation. With our help, you can continue to take advantage of the convenience of PayPal, without worrying about improper documentation.

Payroll Management in a Contractor-Based Field

Workforce flexibility is an ideal held dear in the world of Internet marketing. An increasing number of employees work as independent contractors paid by the project, rather than via hourly wages. If you have a nontraditional setup for paying your employees or contractors, you may require extra assistance with payroll.

Developing a reliable system will be a challenge, so look to SGAF for the targeted assistance you need.

Detailed Service

When you work with our team of experts, your books will be clean. If you choose to bring in an external auditor, the results of those audits will come back completely clean, with crystal clear documentation. Our superior attention to detail is evident in our accounting for Internet professionals.

Don’t let just anybody handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs: Work with a vetted firm with clear expertise working with Internet professionals. Solutions Group Accounting Firm (formally known as Green Solutions Accounting Firm) is a great advocate to have on your side as an Internet marketer, so contact us today to set up a free consultation!