Just Say No to Impersonal, Off-the-Shelf Accounting Services

Take advantage of a broad spectrum of accounting services from Central Florida’s top accounting team.

At Solutions Group Accounting Firm we provide a comprehensive range of accounting services—all designed to make life easier for small business owners.

We emphasize advance preparation and planning, in the interest of preventing future accounting and tax filing mishaps. Our year-round service keeps you well ahead of the curve so there is never a year-end scramble come filing time. If issues with the IRS do arise, you can count on us for honest and proactive representation. We take the burden of accounting and bookkeeping out of your hands, all while keeping the IRS as far away from your business as possible.


We offer a range of accounting services for both new startups and established businesses. We can work within your preferred accounting framework or set up a viable, customized system from scratch. Either way, you will enjoy detail-oriented service.

Accounting services offered at SGAF include:

• Payables
• Receivables
• Financial reports
• Payroll management
• Tax basis financial statement
• Selection and implementation of accounting software


There’s no way to disguise it: bookkeeping is no fun! Small business owners dread bookkeeping almost as much as they dread tax audits. We assist our clients with all aspects of bookkeeping, tracking all transactions with our comprehensive and easy-to-understand system. All transactions are private, and when questionable transactions occur, we follow up on them promptly.

Tax Preparation

Tax prep doesn’t have to be a massive, year-end headache. You don’t have to go it alone, and you certainly don’t have to use a cold, impersonal service that doesn’t stick by your side throughout the year.

With Solutions Group Accounting Firm’s help, you can get a head start on tax planning and tackle new challenges well in advance of filing. We emphasize year-round tax planning and preparation; the sooner we get started with your taxes, the sooner we can tackle potential problems — and the less likely you are to face last-minute issues when you file.

Tax Negotiation

Let us act as a trusted advocate if you run into trouble with the IRS. The goal is always to avoid conflict with the IRS through advance planning, but if problems do occur, it is in your best interest to have a trusted accounting firm on your side. Auditors set up shop in our office, rather than harassing our clients. In this way, we create a barrier between the IRS and our clients, so as to ease the burden of the auditing process. Not only do we have a solid rapport with our clients, but we also command respect from the IRS and the Florida Department of Revenue.

When they see our name, they know we have the documentation to back up our clients and that we will defend them aggressively.

There’s no reason to spend exorbitant amounts of time or money on accounting services and tax preparation; Solutions Group Accounting Firm can take care of everything and leave you free to focus on more pressing business matters.

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